3 Amenities to Look for in Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Posted on: 21 November 2014

These days, finding a place for Mom or Dad to live once they are unable to be completely independent is easy. A plethora of different communities exist, from complete care facilities that cater to specific medical needs to almost independent apartments that offer the ability to move within the facility should needs change.

Want high-quality food? It's a given now that assisted living residents will have more than standard-fare cafeteria meals. Need transportation to the grocery store, beauty parlor or medical facility on a regular basis? Most communities have vans or shuttles that make treks out for errands every day. Looking for fun, involving activities? You'll find calendars full of in-house and outside excursions that let residents continue to enjoy the things they always have.

What people looking for senior living want is more choices. To make sure your parent feels comfortable in their new assisted living center, ensure that they have options dealing with the three following items.

1. Choices in faith.

Seniors want to be sure they can continue the same traditions and religious observations that they did before moving into assisted living. This can range from finding a care facility that honors their individual beliefs to transportation to a variety of worship services for different faiths.

When looking for a care facility, it's important to ask about how residents are encouraged to practice their faiths. Are there on-site services that your parent will want to participate in? Are shuttles provided to a range of Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist facilities? Being comfortable with faith, especially when many residents are toward the end of life, is a huge plus for assisted living facilities.

2. Activities well-suited to a range of people.

A good care facility will have tons of activities, true - but do they appeal equally to men and women, younger and older residents and those with varied interests? Are there opportunities to customize or request special activities?

If you're looking for a place for dad to live, make sure there are activities that may include watching live or televised sports, playing games, woodworking and other hands-on opportunities. It's true that not all men like these things - but there are some facilities where the ratio of women to men is so high that activity programming tends to focus on female preferences.

Is your parent still pretty active? Look for sports, fitness activities and semi-independent outings that will appeal.

3. Help with technology.

Just because residents are in their 60s, 70s and beyond doesn't mean they don't enjoy using new technology. Does the facility you're considering offer high-speed internet connections and assistance with troubleshooting computers and other devices? Most seniors have some computer knowledge and staying in touch - and staying entertained - can depend on having working technology.

Senior care facility administrators such as Alpine Manor Home For Adults can talk to you about these and other amenities that his or her assisted living home offers. Make sure your parent is included in the discussion of what activities are offered and how time is spent at the facility. Finding the best fit for a parent can mean a much happier and more fulfilled end of life.