Which Type Of Retirement Community Is Best For Your Loved One?

Posted on: 24 November 2014

If you've been talking with your loved one about transitioning into a retirement community, then you understand the importance of finding the right type of community for that person's needs. Everybody is different: some are able to live alone and survive, and others need a little bit of assistance to go about their daily tasks. In order to truly find the type of retirement community that will be the best choice for your loved one, you need to know what the options are and how they work. Here are the most popular types of retirement communities and the benefits they offer:

Independent Living Communities

In general, independent living communities are great choices for people who are able to make their own money, drive or take the bus, and can buy their own food and fend for themselves with no help or very minimal help from others. These communities are generally restricted to people who are 55 or older, but because of this, the communities are typically a lot safer, and they have less noise than regular apartments with children would normally have. These communities also allow residents to come and go as they please without any sign-in or sign-out procedures, so there is definitely a lot more freedom here.

Assisted Living Facilities

Unlike independent living communities, assisted living facilities offer partial to total care for the people who live there. Meals are generally provided, and so is any medical care that may be needed. These places have ways of entertaining their residents through games, movie nights, and more, but they still allow people to be partially independent if they are able to. If the residents in these communities have places that they need to go, the facility may even offer transportation to take them from one location to another.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are usually the place that your loved one would go if he or she could no longer care for themselves in any capacity. These facilities typically offer complete care, so from the time your loved one enters the facility until he or she passes away, that person will receive all the care that they need. These facilities may be more expensive than others, but if you get into a good one, you can rest assured that your loved one will be well-looked-after here.

Determining which type of retirement community for your loved one is best can often be rather challenging. Ultimately, what it comes down to is assessing his or her specific health needs and then looking at the benefits that each facility offers. Once you can compare the person's needs and the facility's benefits, then you will be able to decide where they should go in order to get the best care possible.

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