3 Tips to Help Your Eyes Heal Faster After LASIK

Posted on: 11 December 2014

After getting LASIK eye surgery, your doctor will give you instructions as to how to care for your eyes so they can heal faster. If you follow these instructions closely, your eyes should feel fine within a few days, and here are three additional tips that can help your eyes heal faster after having LASIK surgery.

Protect Your Eyes

The first step towards healing involves knowing how to protect your eyes after the surgery is complete. During the first few days of healing, your eyes may seem blurry and hazy, but this will go away faster if you protect your eyes.

A great way to do this is to avoid being in the sun. The sun is bright and hot, and it could scorch your eyes, which can cause them to heal slower. If you have to go outside, wear protective glasses and limit the time spent outdoors.

You can also protect your eyes by wearing protective glasses at other times of the day. You can wear them while you sleep, work, or eat, and this will help keep dust out of your eyes.

Keep Your Eyes Moistened

The second thing to do is to use the eye drops your doctor gave you. Eye drops are designed to keep the eyes moist, and this can speed up the healing process. Eye drops give the eyes lubrication, which helps avoid dryness and irritation.

If your eyes begin to itch, you can use eye drops. As tempting as it may be to use your hands to relieve the itching sensation, this is not a good eye. Your hands contain germs, which can spread to your eyes if you touch or rub them.

Avoid Getting Foreign Substances in Your Eyes

Not only can your hands contaminate your eyes, but there are plenty of other daily activities that can also cause problems after LASIK. Here are a few tips to remember as you heal from the surgery:

  • Take baths instead of showers—During a shower, it is easy for shampoo to get in the eyes. Taking a bath is safer because you can control what goes on your head and face.
  • Don't wear makeup—Makeup can contaminate the eyes. Therefore, you are better off leaving it off your face for at least a few days after having the surgery.

If you follow these tips and any others that your doctor gave you, your eyes should heal fast. If you experience any pain or problems after the surgery that do not appear normal, make an appointment with your optometrist to have him or her examine your eyes.