3 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Their Eye Exam

Posted on: 16 September 2016

If you are taking your child into the eye doctor, it is important that they are prepared for the visit. This can make the process much smoother for both you and them. This article will discuss three ways to prepare your child for their eye exam. 

Explain to Them What Will Happen

If your child knows what to expect when they go in for their eye exam, they are going to feel more calm and confident when they arrive. You can tell them that the eye doctor is going to look closely in each of their eyes with a light and that they will be required to identify different types of pictures. They may also need to identify letters, if they are old enough. You can tell them that they may also have some tests done that require air to be blown in their eyes, and they may need to have pictures taken of their eyes. Telling them that none of these things are going to hurt can also be helpful in comforting them.  

Tell Them the Importance of Being Honest

One thing that some parents forget to tell their children before going in for an eye exam is the importance of being honest. If a child wants glasses for one reason or another, they may identify pictures and letters incorrectly so that it seems like their vision is worse than it actually is. You can explain to your child that doing this can be very dangerous because they will be given a prescription for glasses that will actually cause much more harm to their eyes than good. You can explain that they won't be able to see properly out of the glasses and that they could really harm their vision if they continue to wear them. 

Explain How Great Glasses Can Be

Whether or not your child ends up needing glasses, it is important that your child knows just how great they can be. If you take the time to sit down with your child and explain to them all of the benefits that come along with wearing glasses, they will likely feel much better if they find out that they need them. You can tell them what amazing tools eye glasses are and how they can allow them to see things that they otherwise wouldn't be able to. You can also explain that if they do need glasses, they can pick out some frames for themselves that they really like. 

If you still need to make an appointment for your child, call a healthcare provider such as Spectacle Shoppe, Inc. to do so.