3 Tips To Relieve Neck Pain Caused By Your Diaper Bag

Posted on: 19 October 2016

If you are the parent of a baby or toddler, then you likely carry around many belongings for your little one. While diaper bags are a great way to keep all of your belongings organized and in one place, they can also end up causing back, neck, and shoulder pain if you carry them too often, in the wrong position, or loaded with too many items. Below are a few suggestions to help you reduce neck and shoulder pain related to your child's diaper bag. 

Switch to a Backpack 

Diaper bags usually come in three styles: handbag/tote, messenger, or backpack. Both the handbag/tote style and the messenger-style bags force you to carry more weight on one side of your body than the other. A tote bag can cause you to drop the shoulder that the bag is on, causing pain on the same side of your body as the bag. A messenger-style bag can put too much weight on your neck and cause you to lift your opposite shoulder, causing pain on the opposite side of your body. 

A backpack evenly distributes the weight of your bag and allows the shoulders and back to carry the weight instead of forcing the neck to carry the weight. This makes it a better choice for heavier diaper bags. Another option is to attach your diaper bag to your stroller while you are out to minimize how long you have to carry your bag. 

Lighten Your Load 

If you are a new parent, you may be overwhelmed with the advice for everything you should carry in your diaper bag. From diapers and wipes to bottles and toys, you may feel like you are packing your entire home. However, by learning what you and your baby need, you can lighten your load. For example, if you are a breastfeeding mother, you may opt to skip bottles altogether if you will be out with your baby. This can greatly reduce the weight of your bag. 

Get Professional Help

If you notice chronic neck pain, you should seek medical attention in addition to making lifestyle changes. An acupuncturist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or general practitioner may all be able to recommend stretches and exercises to increase your neck strength and reduce pain. They may also be able to prescribe appropriate pain relief treatments that will help you reduce pain after a long day out with your child. For more information on your treatment options, contact a doctor like Isaacson Wayne MD.