Defining Age Management Medical Services To A New Generation

Posted on: 23 January 2017

Everyone currently under the age of thirty has no idea what the "march of time across one's face" actually means. They live in a world of youth and possibilities. When asked what age management medical services are, they might guess that it means nursing homes and elderly care. Actually, it has nothing to do with end-of-life care and everything to do with something they will have to face in the next decade or two. For those of you that are still reveling in being young, you may want to pause to read the following about the next stage of your life.

What Age Management Medical Services Are

Age management is any product or service meant to stop the aging process and/or reverse its appearance on your body, face, hair, inner organs, and teeth. When you bring in the medical services end, you are looking at medical procedures and medicines that assist you with managing your aging appearance. There are several services that fall under age management medical services, and a doctor has to be in charge of virtually all of them.

What Services Fall under Medical Age Management

Medical services that fall under medically-managed aging include anti-aging hormones, hormone replacement therapy, Botox injections, both surgical and non-surgical fat removal services, permanent hair transplants for hair loss, teeth bleaching, neck lifts, etc. Many of these services are now performed in-office, with offices located inside shopping malls so that patients and clients can have procedures completed over a lunch break. A highly trained, certified and licensed medical professional does most of these treatments while you may have to go through your regular doctor for others (e.g. hormone replacement therapies).

How Soon You Can Begin These Services

Anybody can start some of these services in their mid- to late-twenties to ward off the aging process that begins in your thirties. However, most clients are in their late thirties to early fifties. As long as you are over the age of eighteen, you can begin the medical procedure services for hair loss, Botox, fat removal, teeth bleaching, neck lifts, skin bleaching, and cryo-freezing dark spots and melanomas (i.e. moles).

Hormone therapies should not begin until after menopause or testopause, and/or after you finished your childbirthing years. (The hormones could negatively affect fetuses in utero, so you have to verify that you are not pregnant and are not able to get pregnant.) There are some possible side effects for hormone therapies for men and reproduction as well, which is why these therapies should be prescribed and monitored by a doctor.