Five Ways To Help Control Your Child's Asthma

Posted on: 23 January 2017

If your child is diagnosed with asthma, it's usually because asthma is something that runs in the family, so there is not much you can do to prevent your child from getting it in the first place. However, you can work to monitor the asthma so that it doesn't become something that is challenging for your child to live with. Here are five ways to help control your child's asthma:

  1. No Smoking in the House: Absolutely no smoking of any kind should take place inside of your home or even around your home where it can seep in through the windows and doors. This can easily flare up your child's asthma and lead to them having attacks more often. If you are a smoker, you should consider finding treatments to help yourself quit, or else you should always smoke away from your home and never around your child. 
  2. Recognize What Causes Attacks: Many kids who have asthma are triggered by pets or by pollen in the air. Not all kids are triggered by animals, though, so when your child is diagnosed with asthma, it doesn't automatically mean you have to get rid of the family pet. If your child has more asthma attacks even when not around any pets, it's most likely due to pollen in the air. If you notice that their asthma is triggered usually around animals, then you need to take careful considerations before bringing any pets into the home. 
  3. Change Air Filters More Often: When you have a child living with asthma in the home, it's important that you change the air filters for the HVAC system more often in order to keep the air clean in the home. You should change it even more often if you have pets in the home since their dander easily clogs up the filter and makes the air quality less than perfect. 
  4. Encourage Exercise: Too often parents will think that because their child has asthma it means that they cannot exercise as often. However, this is not the case. Regular exercise can actually help your child learn to control their asthma since exercise promotes healthy breathing. 
  5. Vacuum and Dust Regularly: It's important that your home is free from allergens, so it's important that you vacuum and dust regularly. It's probably best to do this when your child is not home. Otherwise, you should do it during the day when you can leave windows and doors open to keep the home well ventilated to prevent these allergens from triggering your child's asthma. 

When you know these five ways to help control your child's asthma, you can be sure that you are promoting your child to live as normal of a life as possible even with this diagnoses.