Medical Supplies That Every Urologist Should Have

Posted on: 26 January 2017

Finishing medical school and opening your first clinic as an urologist is an exciting experience. However, you must have a good plan in place for the specific types of services that you intend on providing to patients. For instance, you will need specific types of urological supplies for treating women and men, so make sure that they are purchased accordingly. Take a look at this article for a few suggestions that can guide you on the types of supplies that you should stock up on for your clinic.

1. Male & Female Urinary Pouches

You will need a large quantity of urinary pouches as you begin treating patients with urinary problems. The pouches will come in handy for safely collecting urine and make sure it is properly disposed of. You will have the option of choosing between pouches that are made specifically for men, or the ones that are designed for women. Invest in both types of pouches if you will be treated male and female patients, as the bags are designed to contour to the body in a certain way depending on a patient's sex.

2. Bag Straps for Your Patients Legs

One of the worst things that a urology patient can experience is to wear a urinary bag that moves around a lot. The bag can also end up falling off if it is not secured in place. You can prevent such problems by stocking up on bag straps that your patients can wear. The straps are comfortable, and can also be adjusted based on the size of a patient's leg. You can count on the straps to keep the urinary bags in place until they are manually removed.

3. Male & Female Catheters

You will be dealing with a large amount of catheters when you begin treating patients. Just keep in mind that male patients might need different types of catheters than females. For example, there are external male catheters that are designed to fit comfortably over the penis. There are also female catheters that are designed for easy insertion by going inside the urinary hole in a smooth manner. Base the types of catheters that you stock up on according to the specific conditions that you will be treating.

4. Extension Tubing for Urinary Pouches

You can never have too much extension tubing on hand as an urologist. Make sure that you invest in a large amount of extension tubing to properly hang urinary bags on medical equipment, as well as for running the tubing along your patient's bodies. The extended tubing will allow you to strategically position the urinary pouches.