Tips For Making Sure That Your Hearing Aids Are As Comfortable As Possible

Posted on: 7 September 2017

Hearing aids are essential for many people to hear properly. Many hearing aids fit inside the ears and they can sometimes be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you are not used to wearing them. If you are feeling some discomfort, then there are a wide variety of solutions to make your hearing experience a bit more tolerable. Keep reading to find out about a few different solutions. 

Look For Irritation Points

Hearing aids are meant to fit tightly in the ears so that sounds do not escape from the speaker and become picked up by the microphone. When this happens, you will experience feedback with a great deal of whistling and screeching. In some cases though, the hearing aids are made in a way that they are too tight with different sections of the hearing aid rubbing or pressing on spots within the ear canal. If the mold presses strongly against one or two spots, then this can create a great deal of pain in each "hot spot". 

If you feel strong sensations inside the ear, then try to locate these areas. You can sometimes use cushions or strips to reduce the discomfort. This is not always possible though, and sometimes the shell of the hearing aid needs to be ground down or filed a small amount. Your hearing aid specialist can assist you with this. 

If the adjustments do not help, then a new shell can often be made for the hearing aid to reduce discomfort.  

Reduce Friction

Your ears will become less and less sensitive the longer you wear your hearing aids. The tissues inside the ear will also stretch a small amount over time and the hearing aid will not feel as tight. While these things are true, you might be causing yourself some discomfort due to the friction and pressure between the hearing aid and the ear. This is a specific concern if you are trying to force the aid into the ear and if the hearing aid has a variety of bends.

To reduce friction, you need to adjust the hearing aid insertion process a bit. Start by placing a drop or two of baby oil on a cotton swab. Use the swab to spread the oil around the outside of the ear canal. Use one hand to stretch open the ear canal and then use the other hand to insert the hearing aid. Once the hearing aid is in, use your pointer finger to gently push the aid in place. 

If you need some more tips on how to make your hearing aids feel more comfortable, then speak with an audiologist, such as at Waters ENT Sinus & Allergy.