Consult Your Family Doctor — Not An Essential Oils Distributor — For Health Reasons

Posted on: 20 November 2017

The chances are high that you know someone, either in your actual life or as a social media contact, who is a distributor for an essential oils company. And, if you know someone who works in this type of business, there's a high probability that he or she will try to sell you some oils under the guise of helping you — perhaps, this conversation has already even happened. While essential oils smell nice and can indeed be useful in different applications, you need to remember that they should never take the place of actual healthcare. If you're dealing with any manner of health problem, you should see your primary care doctor for care. Here are some reasons that you should take this approach, rather than use essential oils:

The Oil Salesperson Isn't A Medical Professional

While essential oils distributors receive training and closely follow a manual that allows them to match different oils with various health complaints, they aren't medical professionals. Whenever you're dealing with a medical issue, you want to be treated by someone who has years of advanced medical training, as well as must comply with certain ethical standards. For example, while an essential oil distributor might give you lavender oil for stress, seeing your primary care doctor actually gives you a chance to address what is stressing you and take steps to improve the issue.

The Oil Salesperson Is Trying To Make A Sale

Keep in mind that family doctors receive a salary whether they see you or not. An essential oil salesperson, meanwhile, only makes money when he or she sells you a bottle of oil. This means that this person, whom you may consider a friend, is highly motivated to sell you something — and, in some cases, this motivation will exceed any genuine concern for your health. When you visit your family doctor, there are no ulterior motives present. Rather, the doctor wants to do what is best for you, as the patient.

Pushy Online Sales Pitches Don't Often Have Scientific Backing

You'll commonly see essential oil salespeople making exciting claims about the health benefits that their products can provide. The problem is that these claims are often either supported by iffy studies or nothing at all. The Mayo Clinic warns that the use of some essential oils can actually lead to health problems. You're better off heeding the words of a legitimate and well-respected medical organization — and one that your primary care doctor will refer to — than listening to the dubious studies that essential oil distributors tout.

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