Understanding Eye Floaters and Floater Removal

Posted on: 6 May 2021

For many people, eyes are mysterious parts of the body. While most people don't give much thought or concern to their eye health, there are some serious eye issues that can be treated and prevented with regular eye care. Floaters are one of these issues.

Eye floaters can be more than annoying, but the good news is that you do not have to live with them. These are some things you need to know about eye floaters.

What Do Eye Floaters Look Like?

Eye floaters appear like small lines, rings, or spots that seem to move into your field of vision. They might appear slightly translucent with black or grey coloring. They might appear to be right in front of your face, but the truth is that floaters could indicate that something is in your eye.

How Common Are Eye Floaters?

If you experience floaters, do not be concerned immediately. Floaters are very normal, and most people will encounter them at some point. It is in some cases that they could indicate an eye condition, which is why you should seek medical attention if you experience floaters. People who are nearsighted may experience them more often than others.

What Health Issues Could an Eye Floater Indicate?

Some people experience floaters due to age or natural nearsightedness, but sometimes they indicate eye inflammation, bleeding, retinopathy, or a torn retina. Constant floaters could also come with a migraine or with certain types of medications.

How Can You Get Rid of Eye Floaters?

There are a few ways to get rid of eye floaters, and the treatment will relate to the cause of the issues in the first place. For example, you may get rid of floaters by switching medications with the approval of your doctor. In some cases, people simply learn to live with them.

In some cases, doctors perform a vitrectomy, which is a surgery to remove floaters. Often, this is intended only for severe cases.

Some people also undergo laser therapy. Laser therapy involves breaking up the floaters with a laser, helping them become undetectable. This is a tricky procedure to avoid retinal damage, but many doctors perform it without issue.

Talk to Your Eye Doctor for Help

Eye floaters can be removed, and you may find that your vision is better than ever. Make an appointment with an eye doctor today to learn more about eye floater removal treatment.