Foot And Ankle Problems That Can Be Treated By A Sports Medicine Doctor

Posted on: 12 August 2021

Sports medicine is an important branch that helps athletes heal from all sorts of complications year-round. Foot and ankle problems are particularly relevant to this type of medicine. If you have any of the following problems, then seeing a sports medicine doctor is a good choice for finding long-term relief.

Sprained Ankle

Ankle sprains are pretty typical in a lot of sports, and when they happen, they significantly reduce the mobility of an athlete. If you are dealing with this injury and want to make a swift recovery within reason, then you should schedule a visit with a sports medicine doctor.

They can get you on the mend by giving you special compression materials to wear that keep your ankle from moving around. They'll also recommend rest and some rehabilitative exercises once your sprain has healed to a certain point. 

Foot Fracture

With enough force during a sports activity, it's actually pretty easy to fracture the foot. You'll know if this happens because you'll have symptoms of extreme pain and limited mobility when you try to move around. A sports medicine doctor can help you deal with foot fractures in a structured and effective manner.

Since there are many bones in the foot, it's important to see this doctor and get an exact location of the fracture and an understanding of the fracture's severity. Then the sports medicine doctor will know what treatment to pursue, which might include surgery or wearing a medical boot for a period of time.

Chronic Soreness

Although not as severe as fractures and sprains, foot and ankle soreness is still a problem for athletes that need as much movement as possible to complete their roles in sports. If you ever experience chronic soreness, there's probably a reason for this.

A sports medicine doctor can find out for certain so that you can alleviate this problem and get back to playing a sport while at your best. It could be because of the shoes you're wearing or the movements you're performing. A sports medicine doctor can find out and then suggest alterations that let you have less soreness around the foot and ankle moving forward.

Athletes use their feet and ankles in almost every action they perform. If any of these areas of your body become injured or extremely sore, you can see a sports medicine doctor. They're your best solution for dealing with these sports-related problems the right way.