The Benefits Of Undergoing A Professional Colon Cancer Screening

Posted on: 7 October 2021

As you get older, you must pay more attention to your health. You must be on guard for illnesses that can rob you of your wellness and potentially even shorten your life.

In particular, you need to undergo exams that can reveal if you are at risk of developing certain types of cancer. You can make an appointment to undergo a professional colon cancer screening to detect this illness early and recover from it faster.

Early Detection

When you undergo an annual colon cancer screening, you can find out if you have this illness early and have a better chance of beating it. In fact, it is one of the easier types of cancers for doctors to treat in the early stages. Your own doctor might perform surgery to remove cancerous growths or recommend chemotherapy or radiation to kill cancerous cells.

People who undergo regular colon cancer screening services typically have higher chances of beating the illness and living longer lives. They may avoid long-term damages from this type of cancer, which can include having to wear an ostomy bag or losing parts of their colon entirely.

Fast and Easy

A colon cancer screening is also relatively fast and easy to undergo. Your doctor may prescribe a colon cleansing liquid for you to drink several days before the procedure. This liquid cleans out your colon and allows the doctor performing the procedure to see inside of this part of your body better.

The procedure itself may only take a matter of minutes to perform. You are given a general anesthetic that lets you sleep during it. You then awaken and remain in a recovery room for up to an hour to ensure that you are stable enough to return home. 

High Accuracy

Finally, a colon cancer screening can offer high accuracy in detecting whether or not you have this type of cancer. The doctor performing it can see if you have cancerous growths in your colon. They can also see if there is any kind of growth that must be biopsied and tested for malignancy. You can get accurate results from the screening typically within a matter of days and begin treatment if needed to help you recover faster.

A colon cancer screening can be critical for early detection and better survival rates. It is relatively fast and easy to undergo and offers highly accurate cancer detection. For more information, contact a local clinic that offers colon cancer screenings, like Gastro Health.