Tired Of Shaving Your Legs? How Laser Hair Removal Can Help

Posted on: 28 March 2023

Shaving your legs can take time. If you are tired of constantly doing this, one thing you can do is laser hair removal. Below is information on how this works so you can throw your razor away. 

Before and After the Treatment

Once you decide that you want laser hair removal, you should see the doctor for instructions. They will tell you to stay out of the sun and to not use a self-tanner on your legs a few days before the treatment. There may be times when laser hair removal is not recommended, such as if you are pregnant or taking certain medications. You can shave before the treatment, which will make it easier for the technician to use the laser. If your legs need to be shaved and you do not do it, the technician will likely do this for you. 

Your skin will feel much like you have a sunburn after the treatment is finished. You should keep your legs covered while in the sun for a few days. The doctor may give you a cream to apply to your legs to help with discomfort. After a few days you should feel fine. You may need to have more than one treatment to remove all the hair on your legs. 

Laser Hair Removal

The doctor uses a laser that projects a beam of light to remove the hair on your legs. The light absorbs the melanin, also known as the pigment, in the hairs. The light energy converts to heat which damages the hair follicles. This will prevent any future hair from growing on your legs as the hair follicles are what produce the hairs. 

Laser hair removal is not permanent, and you may have to return for maintenance treatments as you start seeing hair growing. There may be a long period of time between maintenance treatments, however, as hair is severely delayed in growing. Laser hair removal can be used for any skin type or skin color.

Along with the legs, hair can also be removed from your upper lip, armpits chin, and bikini line. Laser hair removal can also be used to remove hair on the back, chest, and arms. 

Talk with the medical professional that you hire to learn much more about laser hair removal and how it works. This will allow you to determine how much this is going to cost you as well.

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