Three Funeral Arrangements You Should Consider In Your Preplanning

Posted on: 28 November 2014

It is becoming more common for people to head to their preferred funeral home and make arrangements for their own services. There is no question that this is an intelligent choice and can make things much easier on the loved ones who are left behind. Planning all of the big things, such as where you will be buried or who will be your pallbearers, are vital components that rarely get left out. However, there are three funeral arrangements that are smaller in scale, but should be planned ahead.

Consider the Soundtrack

Funeral music can be one of those small aspects of the event that is often shrugged off when plans are being made in advance. It is not always easy to think about what music you would consider to be the soundtrack of your life. However, leaving this in the hands of another may mean that you get stuck with generic piano music during the service. Making choices about music can be very difficult for your loved ones and it is usually better that you choose the type of music you want played in advance.

What Will You Wear?

You may not care at all what you wear after your days are gone, but you should think about the perception that your loved ones will have as they say their final goodbyes. If you do not want to be buried in something that a funeral director supplies, planning what you should wear is important. You may have certain apparel requirements due to religious reasons, or you may just prefer to look like you are comfortable when you are laid to rest. Make sure your funeral plans include your personal ideas about how you will be dressed for the occasion.

Flowers and Other Contributions of Sympathy

It is common practice for loved ones to offer up their sympathy in the form of floral arrangements at a funeral. However, you may feel that this money will be better spent in another way. If you would prefer that expressions of sympathy be in the form of something else, such as a donation to your favorite charity, make sure that you make these ideas a part of your funeral arrangements.

Making your own funeral arrangements is all about making your final wishes known to the people who love you. By attending to even the smallest details during planning, you will help to ensure that the time spent at your funeral will be more about celebrating your life and less about the stress of planning the event. Talk to a funeral home such as O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral & Cremation Services to learn more about what kinds of arrangements you should plan ahead for.