Four Tips When Preparing Your Child For The First Day Of Kindergarten

Posted on: 4 December 2014

Preparing your child for school can mean a lot of work; you will have to get the school clothes ready, vaccines and supplies, among many other things to prepare them for their first day. There are some things that you are bound to forget, and there are some things that you probably will not need. There are also some things that are essential for registering your child in school and getting them started on the first day.

Here are four things that you do not want to forget when your child is starting school:

1. Get The Vaccines Out Of The Way As Soon As Possible

One thing that you will have to do before you can register in school is take them to have their vaccines. This is something that can be a traumatic experience for some children. You will want to prepare them for the experience and explain to them that it is something that they will only need to have done one time. Also, you may want to consider taking them for vaccines several weeks before you register them for school. This will allow time to see if they have a reaction to any of the vaccines, as well as give them time to overcome the experience.

2. Take The Naptime Out Of Your Child's Routine

Naps are something that children need when they are younger, and it's important that your child gets the proper rest they need. In school, they may not have a naptime, which can make it difficult for them to adjust to the new routine. During the months before they start school, you may consider taking the nap out of their daily routine. You can gradually reduce the nap during the day, and start a routine of going to bed earlier at night to make up for the difference and ensure that your child gets the rest they need.

3. Try To Encourage More Independence Before Kindergarten

In kindergarten, your child will not have mom and dad to do things like dress them to go out for recess. It is a good idea to encourage your child to be more independent before they start school. Try to get them to dress themselves, go potty and do other things more independently before they start school. You may want to consider buying shoes with Velcro for their school clothes to make things easier for them. You can also organize other school clothes that are easier for them to dress themselves.

4. Buy Personal Items That Your Child Can Use Easily

There is also the issue of lunch time and snack time when your child starts school. If you buy your child a lunchbox, look for one that they can easily open. You may also want to look for a backpack that is right for their size. If backpacks are too large for them, you can also look for some of the newer school bags that have wheels on the bottom of them and will be easier for children to carry by themselves. These easier it is for your child to use their school gear, the better experience they will have at school.

These are some things that will help you and your child be prepared for their first day at school. You also do not want to forget the vaccines, which you can make an appointment with a pediatric office that does vaccines for children to get them ready for school.

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